artist: Mireille Capelle with HERMESensemble
title: Blue Veil
released: 2019
artwork: Yun Hyong-Keun

1. Blue Veil (27:26)
2. wabi 1 (11:34)
3. wabi 2 (7:10)

Release date: November 11, 2019
Composer and performer: Mireille Capelle
With: HERMESensemble
Piano: Koen Kessels
Musical Assistant and mastering: Bodo Peeters
Artwork: Yun Hyong-Keun
Photography: Laziz Hamani
Edition: 350 copies
Design: Jeroen Wille

A production of Inspiratum. 
Published by Inspiratum and audioMER.

audioMER. is honoured to announce the release of a new CD; Blue Veil with music by Mireille Capelle (BE) and HERMESensemble*.

The world of Mireille Capelle is one of music and theatre. She has performed as a singer in numerous European opera houses, under the artistic direction of the foremost stage directors and conductors. She is member of the artistic board of HERMESensemble. Mireille Capelle has a particular affinity with contemporary music and art, characterized by many encounters with the most important contemporary composers. Blue Veil is a sonic architecture composed for the exhibition I Fortuny. Una Storia di Famiglia, curated by Daniela Ferretti, at Palazzo Fortuny, in Venice from May 6 till November 24, 2019. The essence of the piece was inspired by the installation of Axel Vervoordt and Tatsuro Miki in the wabi-space of the palace.

A live performance with artist Marie Balcaen took place on 27 September 2019 at Palazzo Fortuny.

Mireille Capelle in her words about the piece:
“I took two pieces of white marble stones—both sculptural and radiant. I banged and rubbed them. In Venice I recorded the sounds of the bells of San Marco and the rustling of the water. I remembered the words coming to me. Sometimes they came very clear, sometimes barely understandable. Stemming from my fictional journey into the past, the words of Proust and d’Annunzio arrived… I catch Wagner’s breath as in his Shepherd’s Song… The whisper of a great white sail in the wind… In Blue Veil Henriette Fortuny—the silent muse—appears. Her pink dress and blue veil are floating in the wind… There is light of sounds and shadows. Blue Veil is both a quest for transparency and a path of perpetual repetition. I wanted this piece to allow us to hear the inaudible. I wanted to enlarge what is hidden in sound. “Eternity is the one who is, who will be and who was”. This sentence from Plato signifies to me that we are all particles of eternity.”